Why We Don’t Hide DISC Assessment Results

Today, I’d like to address a common question that we get from trainers, facilitators, business owners or business managers who are purchasing assessments for other people to take. Usually they’ll have their team take the assessment, and then they’ll have some kind of session later to reveal the results.

The question is, Can you withhold the results from the people who take the DISC assessment until we choose to reveal those results to people?

And the short answer is no.

The reason we don’t provide this service is because we have had some pretty bad experiences both as trainers and facilitators ourselves and as site owners. When people provide information that they feel is pretty personal and private about their lives inside of our assessment and they don’t get to see the assessment results immediately, it tends to trigger distrust, frustration, and anger. Usually that is directed toward the site owner, us.

We know that not everyone will have that response. However, enough people will have that response that we have decided that we don’t want to trigger that response in our DISC assessment takers.

We know that many people do choose to withhold results until the class or discussion is held, and we understand why they may want to do that.

And for our business, in the interest of complete openness, honesty and transparency we choose not to offer that service.

If you feel like you need that service option, there are providers that will provide that service for you. It just won’t be us.

If you are okay with having the results available immediately, you can purchase assessments for your team today.

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