How Much of Your DISC Style is Natural and How Much is Learned?

A common question I get asked about the DISC model is:

“How much of your behavior style is natural and how much of it is learned?”

This question gets back to a common question that’s talked about frequently in psychology of nature versus nurture with regard to what drives our behaviors. While I’m not a psychologist who has read every article on the topic, I will share with you what I’ve learned.

It’s about 50/50.

Most of the information I’m aware of says that there’s a certain element of your behavior style that’s natural. We often call it the internal style in our report. This part of your behavior style represents your natural inclinations. The natural approach you bring to things. That part of your style is probably hereditary or “born into” you.

Then, there’s the other 50% of your style. How you’ve learned to adapt and adjust to the world.

You wind up with about half of your behavior style driven by what’s “born into” you, and about half that comes from what you’ve learned to do based on your life history, education and experiences.

Basically, you’re about half how you’re naturally wired (or inclined) and about half how you’ve learned to behave.

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