People often ask why they should use the DISC model rather than some other model of behavior when they are looking for a tool to improve communication skills, relationship building skills, teamwork, and leadership effectiveness.

There are many excellent models on the market that are similar to or drive at answering the same questions addressed by the DISC model of human behavior.

Here are some of the main reasons we recommend the DISC model:

  • It is simple enough that…
    • You can work with someone for only a few minutes and start to develop insights that will help you work with them more effectively.
    • You can use it when you are tired, stressed or angry.
    • You don’t need assessment results to get a quick understanding of another person. (Assessments help you to get a deeper understanding, but the simplicity of the model helps you to get close just by observing behaviors, tones, word choices, and decision making tendencies.)
  • It is descriptive enough that…
    • It helps you to see others more objectively and less subjectively.
    • It leads you towards understanding and away from judgment.
  • It is accurate enough that…
    • You can get a good guess about what someone wants from you when you communicate.
    • You can quickly understand another person’s perspective.
  • It is flexible enough that…
    • you can use it “on the fly” in real-life situations.
    • You can learn to see the blends, subtleties and variations in other people’s perspectives without trying to force them neatly into a single box or label them.

Is the model perfect? No.

Does the model explain every nuance of human behavior? No.

Are there better clinical or analytical models? Yes.

Despite these limitations, for real-world, working-with-people-in-the-moment situations, we think it is the best tool available.

These are some of the reasons that we recommend the DISC model.

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