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Each of us has our own unique communication style, our natural preference for how we prefer to communicate. This phenomenon is expressed through the DISC model. In this series of posts, we take characters from popular culture (television, movies, history, etc.) and analyze where we think they fall on the DISC spectrum. We hope these posts will help you better understand the DISC model. 

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What classic cartoon most resembles a project team? It’s not Bob the Builder. Actually, it’s that gang of “meddling kids” that drive around in the Mystery Machine with their canine pal, Scooby-Doo. What makes them like a project team? Each and every episode Fred, Velma, Daphne, Shaggy and Scooby have a job to do: solve a mystery. To do that, they have to work together and communicate effectively.

What follows is our analysis of the DISC roles each character takes on. As you can see, their individual characteristics come together to make a highly functioning team that always completes their project. 

Fred Jones: D

Fred is always shown in the leader position.  He does this, quite literally, by walking in the first position as The Gang is shown walking through spooky swamps, ghostly graveyards, and mysterious mansions.  His creators drew him with the stature of a chieftain. The Gang looks to Fred for direction and his decisiveness is a trait that is not possessed by others in The Gang.  He has a goal, he has a plan, and he is determined to solve the mystery, despite Daphne, Shaggy & Scooby’s tendencies to accidentally mess up the plan.

Shaggy & Scooby: I

We rarely see one without the other – and they are made for each other.  They would do anything for a Scooby-snack (this is a key to their approval-seeking behavior motivation) and are always lighthearted and fun-loving.  Other than the perps who “would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling kids!” – who doesn’t LOVE Shaggy & Scooby? They don’t hide their emotions and are very persuasive through their ease-of-interactions with people.  They usually botch Fred’s plans – but their ability to be flexible always helps The Gang catch the “bad guy.”

Daphne Blake: S

Who’s the cute red-head who owns the Mystery Machine, but lets Fred drive it anyway? Patient Daphne Blake.  She’s the “Pre-McGyver” whose purse contains anything you could imagine to help the cause. She’s kind and gentle, and she is the glue that keeps the balance and harmony of The Gang’s adventures.  Daphne reliably takes care of everyone else (who keeps those Scooby-Snacks in-stock?) – even shouting “Scooby Doo where are you?!” to find her lost friends.  

Velma Dinkley: C

Velma can be seen with her face in a book – she’s always well-read on various and obscure information, and The Gang can always depend on Velma for solving the mystery through contemplative and careful fact-finding.  She is logical and unemotional. We don’t see Velma getting freaked-out by ghosts and swamp creatures. She is drawn with thick glasses – so much that without her glasses she is completely blind – not able to see or focus on the details that allows the puzzle pieces to fall into place. Her relationship with The Gang is unemotional – there isn’t a sense of devotion to the people; but, an extreme sense of loyalty to their purpose.  She is a rule-follower and relies on these rules to maintain order in an otherwise muddled mess of chaotic characters.

Do you agree with this analysis? With a limited cast and more simplistic cartoon plots, these characters present much more “black and white” than others we’ve seen (or in real life). In our actual interactions with other people, we tend to see more style blends.

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